Monday, February 07, 2011

Best Super Bowl Commercials 2011?
You Decide!
CBS Poll on This Year's Super Bowl Commercia

YouTube has compiled a big list of all the entries, but here are CBS's top five picks. Check them out and vote for your favorite - CBS Top 5 Super Bowl Commericals.
Darth Vader makes a cameo in Super Bowl 2011
commercial for Volkswagen. (YouTube)

Do you agree with CBS's choice of the top 5? Why or Why not? Which ad do you think does the best in terms of "educating consumers" on the company's product or service?


La Mode Guru said...

I really liked the CBSNews picks for the best super bowl commercials for 2011. I thought "VOLKSWAGEN MEETS DARTH VADER" was a great pick for number one. It was the perfect combination of cuteness, heartfeltness, and funniness all rolled into one. I thought that a lot of people could connect with it as well. My second favorite was "EMINEM FOR CHRYSLER" I thought that it promoted not only Chrysler, but the city of Detroit. It enable Chrysler to use a popular celebrity (Eminem) as well as looking like they take pride in the city that the car is created in. I thought it was overall a good ad. One commercial that I would of liked to have seen make the top 10 list was the GLEE commercial for Chevrolet. I personally really love GLEE and I thought that the ad did a double promotion for the show and the car company. Despite me liking these three ads, I felt like this years commercials were an overall disappointment, and it would seem that many people felt the same. Hopefully they can redeem themselves next year!

Bart said...

I thought this year's Super Bowl ads were sufficiently underwhelming. But there were some funny commercials during the game.

On CBS's Top 5, I believe they left out some commercials. Most notably, a Dorito's commercial. I think the company produced some VERY funny ads.

But I do agree that my favorite commercial this year was the Volkswagon "Mini Darth Vader" spot. This kid stole the show.

And yes, the Ozzy Ozborne/Justin Bieber Best Buy ad was good. It revealed the fast-improving nature of electronics and the necessity to keep up with them. And Justin Bieiber was in which made it hundreds of times better.

The Eminem/Chrysler/Detroit ad was intriguing and was, if anything, an ad for the City of Detroit more than the Chrysler brand. But why the gospel choir? That didn't really fit the ad.

But the rest of the ads on their Top 10 would not have been noticed in other year.

Some were laugh-out-loud funny, but most were just, well, trying too hard.

Hopefully next year will be a better year for Super Bowl commercials.

Patrick Stasio said...

I think the best commercial was the Chrysler commercial because it had two different messages in it. The first was the the city of Detroit is trying to get back on its feet. They were one of the cities that got hit hardest by the rescission and are trying to bounce back by doing what they do best and that is making cars. It was also for one of their new cars and got a hometown hero to do the commercial. The VW commercial was funny but hit home to more people than any of the other ads. I like commercials that can make you relate and say I have tried to do that at some point in my life.

Kourtney's Blog said...

The 2011 super bowl commercials were both good and bad. Some were entertaining while some left viewers bored. I found a few of them to successfully inform the public about their product, and was impressed with some of the companies for their creativity. Super bowl commercials are known for being funny, and this is exactly how I would describe the Volkswagen meets Darth Vador commercial. It brings out the hilarious spirit that kids have and successfully attached it with the Volkswagen, a good family car. I was not as impressed with the Bud Light commercials or Go Daddy commercials who just used a bunch of hot girls walking around. That didn't seem to be very unique and probably didn't long to come up with. I also did not like the Groupon commercials because they touched really important and sensitive topics, and then had a careless and cheap ending. This was not just the case with the whale commercial but also with theGroupns commercials. Another commercial that I liked a lot was the Chrysler Eminem commercial. It was very informative about the city and Chrysler. The car looked really nice and I liked how Chrysler used Eminem, a raper from Detroit, as they advertised a nice car made in Detroit, also a city that they are trying to clean up.